Proactive Firewall Management

The FireMon Platform allows you to continuously analyze, visualize and improve your existing network security infrastructure and firewall management.

Security Manager

Security Manager platform proactively delivers the intelligence IT security, network and compliance teams need to address the three biggest challenges of firewall management.


Analyze duplicate rule, usage and traffic information providing actionable intelligence for rule/policy optimization.

Validate firewall policies against regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS 3.0.

Real-time monitoring of rule/configuration Change comparison and reports history.

Traffic Flow Analysis: Monitor network traffic behavior down to the application level to isolate overly permissive configurations.

Access Path Analysis: Trace every available access path across the network and visualize relationships between network devices to identify risk access points.

Change Detection & Reporting: Isolate, document and alert on every ongoing change implemented throughout your existing firewall policies.

Assessments & Controls: Define and employ unique security controls for customized, repeatable analysis and reporting on your firewall policies.

Immediate Insight

Immediate Insight merges machine learning, correlation and natural language in a simple, workflow-centric interface to reveal relationships in the data that users didnt even know to look for.


Quickly separate real threats from false positives to accelerate threat detection and response.

Find the unusual, new and changing within your data to identify threats that elude existing security systems.

Natural-Language: Simplifies search and data exploration to make data more accessible no query languages or regex required.

Real-Time: Enables teams to work with data at the speed of thought.

Flexible: Deploy centrally, distributed or via a disconnected personal system.

Contextual: Add context unique to your environment for a single entity or in bulk.

Automatic: Enriches data at collection time. Workflows and data routers automate complex analysis processes.