Professional-grade Video Systems

Niagara Video delivers professional-grade systems. Available in multiple configurations, including HD, SD, high‐density rack mount, and portable configurations with remote management SCX software included.Plus, you can deliver multiple simultaneous streams in different formats to end users with multiple devices types — all from a single video source.

About Niagara Video

Niagara products have been trusted in a variety of leading-edge video markets for over ten years. Some of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Products every day to deliver high quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world. To add more, customers of Niagara also include some of the enterprises, educational institutions & government entities.


Soure -Camera, switcher, IP ingest, etc. — provides a video signal to the Niagara Streaming System.

Encode - the Niagara encoder streams the content to the server in the most popular streaming video formats, including RTMP & HLS.

Distribute - a hosted, dedicated streaming server or a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Playback - the server or CDN can live stream to almost any playback device, including PCs, TVs with STBs, and mobile devices including iPad, iPhone & Android.